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Thank you for your interest in the Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy. Admission to FALA is not based on ethnicity, national origin, income level, gender, disabling condition, proficiency in the English language or athletic ability. Students are admitted without discrimination in accordance with the rules that govern charter schools in the state of Arizona. We have a cap on the number of students we can enroll; this cap is mandated by the state of Arizona. FALA is a public school; there are no tuition fees, but we do have required, annual student and course fees.

FALA is now accepting applications for 7th Grade Students only for the 2018 Spring Semester.  There are only a few slots open and it is on a first come first serve basis. 

For a sample of our curriculum follow these links  2017-2018 High School Progression & Course Descriptions and our  2017-18 Middle School Progression & Course Descriptions which give an overview of our tentative courses for our upcoming academic year.  These courses are subject to change each year.

Enrollment Process

As a public charter school, FALA carefully follows state laws regarding enrollment (A.R.S. 15-184). When the number of applicants for a given grade level exceeds the available spaces, state law calls for a lottery to determine which applicants will be selected. State charter school law grants preference to siblings of current students, and allows charter schools to grant preference to children of staff members and governing board members.

Shortly after the open application period closes, lotteries at each grade level are conducted, students who are eligible to enroll are notified, and waiting lists are established. Admission packets received after the open application period closes will not be part of the lotteries, but will instead be placed at the bottom of the waiting lists in the order they were received.

Applicants who did not receive a slot will be put on a wait list according to the lottery selection order. In the event that a sibling is successful in the lottery and a second sibling is not, the sibling will be moved to the top of the wait list.

The 2017-2018 FALA Admissions Application Form is available here.   The application must be complete in order to be considered for enrollment.  

Preparation for the 2017-2018 Student Application:

Student Essay Question:

Please refer to FALA’s Principles and Purpose, including the Habits of Heart and Mind (page 3 of our student handbook in the Parent Resources section of the website!) Please write a one page essay and include why you would like to come to FALA, and how you feel you exemplify the Habits of Heart and Mind.


  1. Completed 2017-2018 Application form filled out on-line and submitted with all attachments
  2. Student Essay ATTACHMENT
  3. Recent grade report card  (all grades) AND transcripts for all high school applicants  ATTACHMENT
  4. A recommendation written by a current teacher who knows you. Recommendation should include reasons you would do well in an academically rigorous, college preparatory school. ATTACHMENT

Wait List

Students placed on the wait list will be considered if spots open during the summer or during the school year.  We alert students who have been put on the wait list; they will be selected in the order in which they were placed during the lottery selection, except as described in the case of one sibling winning a lottery slot and another who did not win. Siblings will be moved to the top of the wait list if a sibling wins a lottery selection. Applications received after open enrollment will be placed at the bottom of the lottery positions in the order they were received. If a student is accepted and later chooses not to attend, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we might contact students on our wait list.

Siblings of Current Students and Children of Staff and FALA Board

State charter school law grants preference to siblings of current students, and allows charter schools to grant preference to children of staff members and governing board members. Siblings of current students and children of staff and Board who not currently enrolled are required to turn in an application during open enrollment.

Enrollment Forms

Once a student is selected to attend FALA they will complete an enrollment packet.


A parent may withdraw a student at any time during the school year. Parents withdraw by visiting the school office. As per Arizona state law, if a student misses 10 days or more of school without parent contact or explanation, the student may be administratively withdrawn from school. Teachers are required to report current progress grades before the student is officially withdrawn from SchoolMaster (our student information system).

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