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FALA Student Cyndny Clark Blog – Future Leaders Town Hall

FALA Student Cyndny Clark Blog – Future Leaders Town Hall

Future Leaders Town Hall

Cydny Clark – Blog

LAUNCH FlagstaffArizona Town Hall

This past September, high school students and educational leadership from Flagstaff were able to collectively share their voice about what matters in Arizona education.  LAUNCH Flagstaff invited and hosted the Future Leaders Town Hall and Flagstaff, Arizona Town Hall.  The topic was Funding Pre-K-12 Education.  Cydny Clark a FALA Senior was our representative at the Future Leaders Town Hall and then again participated with Dean Crawley and other Northern Arizona educational leaders at the Flagstaff, Arizona Town Hall Meeting.

Representation from the whole educational community is and was an essential component.  It was a pleasure to participate with community youth!  Cydny Clark took time out of her busy school schedule to be a future leader.  FALA appreciates her commitment and sharing her experience.

Hi! My name is Cydny Clark and I’m a senior at FALA. Recently I was asked to represent FALA as a student at the Arizona Town Hall meeting held in Flagstaff and I wanted to share my experiences.

The meeting was held at the CCC Lonetree campus, but before walking into the conference room I realized that the only information I had was a few basic points about the Arizona Education System that LAUNCH Flagstaff and the Arizona Town Hall provided. Upon reading these points I was really shocked by how much I didn’t know about the system in which I participate. When I got to the room there were kids from every high school in Flagstaff, all with different amounts of knowledge on the topic. We introduced ourselves and the high school we go to, then the supervisors of the event gave us a bit more background information on what we were going to discuss. They asked questions and we responded by simply raising our hand and speaking, but when we weren’t speaking we were actively listening. Once we finished our thoughts on the topic the scribe would read back our discussion points and we had to approve or change the points to better fit what we were thinking. Then we repeated the process for each question. Eventually, two hours passed and we finished our meeting.

We were invited to attend a bigger meeting that weekend with adults from all over Northern Arizona.  I decided to go, because I realized that Arizona was facing some major issues and I want to be a part of an effort to help fix the issues within the Arizona Education System. In addition, it was brought to our attention that it might be helpful if there were student voices mixed with the adult voices.

The process was the exact same from the previous meeting I was a part of, and it was all the same information we received a few days earlier. In this process I realized that in the small group of adults I spoke with, many of them were completely unaware of many tasks students now have to go through, as well as, the thought process of a student and how this factors into the education system.

After both of the meetings, I realized that I am completely unaware of how the Arizona Education System functions. This realization made me really sad and confused, because I have spent the last nine years participating in a system that only a few people completely understand. On top of that, I realized that the Arizona School System has many deficiencies that are all interlinked with each other and are creating major problems for the future generations. Plus to top it all off, teachers are crazily underpaid for what it is they do. All of these points are things I had no clue existed, and if I had no clue then most teens and adults had no clue about the problems the education system faces.

At the end of both meetings, each participant made a pledge about what they are going to do with all of the information they had received as time proceeds. Both times I made the pledge that I would spend my time trying to reach out to students and tell them about the state of the Arizona Education System. As an effort, I have written my thoughts and reflection on my experiences for people to read and consider. So I want to personally thank you for taking time to read my thoughts and conclusions of my experiences.

Thank you Cydny!

The Arizona Town Hall has prepared a full report on the 110th Arizona Town Hall, Funding Pre-K-12 Education

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