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2B and 3B

9/27: Evolution Documentary

9/29: Cumulative Selection Activity, Questions 

10/6: Natural Selection Activity Outline, Questions – Don’t forget the bar graph

10/18: Punnett Squares


11/1: Biology Pg. 42

11/10: Enzyme Lab Write-up

11/22: Experimental Procedures and Scientific Method

Silly Science – What problems do you see with their methods?

12/6: Enzyme Lab Evaluation

Enzyme Lab Evaluation Example Answers

Final Lab – Pillbug Behavior

Evaluation of Final Lab

Semester 2

Interactive Plants

2/7 Notes

Evaporation Experiment

Science as a Process Essay

2/14 Notes

Evaporation Lab Conclusion

Due 2/16: Transpiration Rate – Measurement Procedures

Due 2/23: Transpiration Pre-Lab

Due 2/28: Transpiration Lab Graph, see Transpiration Lab Write-up for more details

Due 3/7: Transpiration Lab Write-up

Due 3/10 (by midnite): 2nd draft of “Science as a Process” Essay with revisons from peer editing and one quote from a scientist (must reinforce your thesis)

Due 3/24: Formatted 3rd draft of Science as a Process

In class (4/21): Community Study Area


Transfer map to graph paper by tracing, find dimensions from pacing efforts

In class (4/25): Species ID

Due 5/26: Digitizing Plant Catalog

Plant Catalog Template:

5/11: Ecosystem Notes

Final Presentation Rubric

AP Biology


AP Exam Info

Due 8/16:

Read Chapter 35 (Lecture PPT)

Read syllabus

Each group needs a shoe box

8/16 – Behavior Lab

Due 8/18:

Completed Lab Write-up

Due 8/23

Read Chapter 2 (PowerPoint)

Read these materials before Tuesday:

Ocean Buffer

Titration Lab

Due 8-25:

Buffer Lab Write-up

Due 8-30:

Finish reading chapter 3 (PPT lecture)

For homework: Read/annotate chapter 4

Due 9-2:

Finish Reading Chapter 5 (PPT)

Due 9-6:

Experimental Design for Enzyme Lab

Due 9-13:

Cellular Respiration Video/Animation

Cellular Respiration PPT

Respiration Interactive

Due 9-15:

Finish Photosynthesis PPT

Read Chapter 7 – Photosynthesis

9/15 In Class:

Photosynthesis lab

***Seniors (and anyone absent), please complete the following:

Illustrate the light dependent reactions and the Calvin Cycle in your notebooks from this interactive animation

View the Crash Course video on photosynthesis

Unit 1 Test Thursday, 9/22

Unit 1 Practice Test

Practice Test Key

Begin Unit 2

9/27: Cellular Reproduction Notes

10/6: Chapter 10 – DNA Notes

Due 10/20: End of Chapter 11 & 12 questions

Due 10/25: Create a Lab

Due 11/1: Unit 2 Review

Unit 2 Test – Tuesday, November 1st

Unit 3

Chapter 14 – Origin of Species

Notes on Chapter 15 and Writing Prompt

Participation Survey

DNA Sequences and BLAST

Begin Semester 2

Chapter 16 PPT

Chapter 17 – plants PPT

Chapter 17 – fungi PPT

Chapter 18 – Animalia

Animalia continued


CH 20 – Intro to Anatomy and Physiology

CH 21 – Digestive System

CH 22 – Respiratory System

Ch 23 The Circulatory System

Chapter 24 – The Immune System

Osmosis Experiment

Due 2/28: Potato Osmosis Write-up due date for draft (optional) changed to Friday – midnight

3/2: Homeostasis Notes (updated 3/7)

Over Break: Prepare for Pig Dissections

3/30: Nervous System Notes

4/4: The Senses

4/6: Animal Movement

4/25: Finish ecology unit for Tuesday, no quiz

4/27: Unit II Review

chi square – + coins

5/2: H-W Key

Final Presentation Rubric

For a copy of one of the practice exams, please email me. I can not post them here.

2014 Exam (taken 3/26) Answers – You must be logged into your FALA account to view the answer key. DO NOT distribute this info

2015 Exam (taken 4/2) Answers – You must be logged into your FALA account to view the answer key. DO NOT distribute this info

2016 Exam (taken 4/30) Answers – You must be logged into your FALA account to view the answer key. DO NOT distribute this info

Environmental Science


Due  8-29:

Continue reading and annotating Biogeochemistry to page 31

Write 8 questions from the reading

Due 8-31:

Finish reading and annotating Biogeochemistry to the end of Chapter 2


In Class 8-31:

Type a summary of Chapters 1 and 2 based on your notes – minimum 1200 words

Due 9-7:

1200 Word Summary – Chapters 1 and 2

Due 10/3:

Biodiversity Essay

Due 10/31:

Sixth Extinction – Final Project

Due 11/18:

From the Prologue

Comparing the various societies from Collapse

Due 12/16 by Noon:

Final Paper

2/22 Notes and Assignment

Due 3/10: Climate Timeline

Due 3/31: Climate Drivers Papers

Debate 1 – Technology

The Oatmeal – Believe

Debate 2 – Policy

Debate 3 – Geoengineering

Resources – For (Starts on Page 87)

Scientists Debating Geoengineering

Super valuable resource

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