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Wed, Jan 27

Nomenclature Quiz retake Mini-Books: balance the equations Types of chemical reactions (notes): Sorting activity & identify the reaction types in your mini book HW: none

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Mon, Jan 25

Review Nomenclature Balancing Equations: in-class practice (easy --> difficult examples) HW: be ready for nomenclature quiz retake on Wed

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Thur, Jan 28

Cell Cycle & Mitosis quiz What is cancer?  Animations and summary notes Cancer Facts & Figures 2015 Report & Reading Questions (information for the questions can be found in the first 5 pages of the report)  HW: leave notebooks

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Tue, Jan 26

Conclude King Corn and submit questions How Cells Divide: MITOSIS Stages and checkpoints: notes, slides & diagrams (I cannot post these, so if you were absent, stop in for a copy) Control of the Cell Cycle Game Mitosis quizzes- identfy the…

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Board meeting minutes January 2016

Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy Governing Board FALA campus, room 1 January 20, 2016 Minutes   Board Members Present: Rand Jenkins, Laurah Hagen, Stephanie Stackhouse,Alicia Krzyczkowski, Bret Carpenter, (Annette Zinky, Eli Cohen via cell) Staff Members Present:JaneeceHenes, Alana Miller, StephanieBurns…

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Board Meeting

  • January 20, 2016
  • News

FALA's board meetings on January 20 at 4 p.m. in room 1. The public is invited. For a copy of the agenda click here jan. 2016 board mtg. agenda.

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Fri, Jan 22

Balancing Chemical Equations! Here is an introductory video Online tutorials & games: Simulation: balancing chemical equations khan academy balancing act science geek gap fill HW: remember that we will have a retake of the nomenclature quiz next Wednesday.  The practice games…

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Wed, Jan 20

Return & review nomenclature quizzes- retake will be in one week Continue mini-books: translating chemical equations Preview Friday work

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