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Thur, Apr 28

AP Test paperwork with Ms. Burns Review Book: Shortened version of practice test #1 HW: Our AP test is Monday ~ Be at the Museum by 8:00 sharp. Please get dropped off or park at FALA This weekend look over…

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Wed, Apr 27

Conclude Half-Life Dice Game & Analysis Questions Begin prep for Carbon Dating timeline / quick video about carbon dating HW: none

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Wed, Apr 20

Writing Nuclear Reactions: Practice II 4th Hour Only: Nuclear Decay Chain Card Game & Graph Begin Half-Life of Licorice Activity If you were absent, see me for the papers from today

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Mon, Apr 18

Nuclear Reactions: Different Types & Examples notes In-class practice: Nuclear Reactions I (Please see me for the questions if you were absent)    

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Wed, Apr 13

Finish discussing isotope practice questions What is your background exposure to radiation? Take the survey and create a pie chart to show your exposure (if you were absent, see me for the survey) HW: none

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Mon, Apr 11

A study of isotopes: How do they differ? Reading the chart of Naturally Occurring Isotopes Practice questions: Isotopia If you were absent, please see me for the worksheets & graph (cannot post due to copyright)    

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