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Live in person events of all kinds (i.e., music, theater, dance, and festivals) are a cornerstone of the Flagstaff community. FALA is proud to be a part of this highly engaging and entertaining scene here in Northern Arizona that has sadly come to a screeching halt back in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The entertainment community of North America is organizing an incredible PR initiative to bring attention to the struggling and closed down entertainment community.

But if you’re like FALA and your live event business or organization is hurting, we encourage you to participate in the #RedAlertRESTART event on September 1, 2020 from 9pm –  Midnight and light your building exterior in RED. Post pictures or video using the hashtags #WeMakeEvents, #RedAlertRESTART and #ExtendPUA. If you don’t have a building to light up but you can offer equipment or services to those who can, reach out to local arts/music/performance organizations here in Flagstaff to help. Spread the word Flagstaff! And thank you from the bottom of our hearts here at FALA!

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