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Max Selby staff photoHello! My name is Max Selby (he/him) and I come from Rugby, England. I have had the honor of working in education for over a decade, beginning as a teacher of English as a second language in Germany and Switzerland, to working as a creative writing instructor here in Flagstaff. With a BA in English Literature and Theatre Studies, and an MA in Film and Television Production, I have come to believe very deeply in the power and potential of the English language. Through its inherent depth and flexibility – in conjunction with images, actions, or simply written on a page – we are able to develop a sense of who we are, as individuals and communities, and truly recognize that we are not alone.

I love being in Flagstaff. The hiking is superb, the people I’ve met have been incredibly friendly and welcoming, and despite your troubling habit of microwaving your cups of tea, I feel very grateful to have wound up here. I consider it an immense privilege to teach here at FALA; the spirit of community, compassion, and curiosity that exists here is like none I’ve experienced before. Thank you for having me!

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