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The Lunch Bunch

Hello FALA Movers & Shakers!

Our amazing Interventionist, Katie Runnels, is always looking for ways to help our students.  She is now starting a “Lunch Bunch” group on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each of these lunchtime sessions will emphasize different areas of need for our students.  If any of these sound interesting to you, come on by the front office to Ms. Runnels’ room during lunch! 

Mondays:  Executive Functioning Skills
Do you have missing assignments? Forget a due date? Dog ate your homework?? Come work on organization, study skills, and some life skills that will help you be your best at school and in the classroom! 

Wednesdays: Social Emotional Learning 
Ever feel like school is “a lot”? Need some help during the day to reset? Want to learn skills to refocus and do this on your own? This group is for you!

Friday: Lunch Time Safe Space
Are you looking for a judgement free chill space to hang out for lunch? We all go through social ups and downs and we know how important a neutral, fun, safe space is to reset for the day. Come hang out with us at lunch, listen to music, chat with friends, and maybe do some yoga! 

We hope to see you there!
Alex Cohen Gray 

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