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Dakota Palmer

Currently I’m just a single mom working on starting her own business either in pottery or some other form of art. My family is starting an RV park called sundown ranch RV park and campsites.

Chiara Skabelund

I have started my own business selling arts and crafts. And one of my art pop-ups was featured in the Flag-Live.

Collin Bliss

After graduating from FALA, I spent almost two years studying language in Germany before moving to Croatia to get a degree in Information Technology, which I am currently working towards. My post-degree goal is to find a job in the tech industry in either Germany or New Zealand, the latter of which is offering substantial bonuses to IT-savvy workers.

Celeste Knoles

Celeste Knoles is working towards an animation degree and traveling the world.

Ellie Whiteman

I have been studying Sustainability; Business; and Socially Engaged Art and Design Practices at ASU. I am so excited to travel to Toronto next semester with a Killam Fulbright Fellowship to study Urban Sustainability and Socially Engaged Art for Environmental Activism at York University. Down the road; I hope to own and operate a sustainable arts and performance venue.

Natalie Kaia Christiansen

Since graduating I’ve gotten some of my writing published in magazines/journals and self-published. I also worked for the USPS for a short while before going to CCC to get my certification as a medical assistant; and I’ve been working as an RMA since graduating the program in 2021; while continuing to write.

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