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FALA Student Supply and Class Fees

  • Click here to view the Fee Schedule.
  • FALA is a public school providing a free and appropriate education for all of its students. Like most other public schools, we do request fees associated with each student to defray the costs for some school expenses and consumable materials. These include the costs of maintaining our computer network and technology, some maintenance and custodial services for the building, and consumable supplies and materials. This support is key in the school carrying out its mission. No student ever goes without the benefit of these items due to an inability of the family to make these fee payments.

    We fully understand that sometimes circumstances prevent families, especially those with multiple children attending FALA, from paying the fees fully right at the outset of the year. Many families choose to split the fees across multiple payments and/or make alternate arrangements to waive if necessary.

    Student fees must be paid in order for a student to participate in any FALA field trip or extracurricular event which charges a fee.
  • The Advanced Placement (AP) test and study materials are charged by the College Board. Students may apply for a fee reduction waiver but FALA must have this form on file.

    Field trip fees can be paid here as well. Please indicate which field trip the payment will be applied to for tracking purposes.

    In order for students to participate in school field trips costing more than $250, all fees must be paid prior to departure. Some field trips have non-refundable deposits. Please refer to your student handbook for additional details.

    If you'd like to arrange for monthly payments of student fees, please contact our Business Manager, Johanna Klomann -

  • After PayPal payment is complete, you will be redirected back to this page with links to view and download a PDF receipt for your donation.
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