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Calling all FALA alumni. We’re looking for you. If you went to FALA, send us an email, tell us what you are doing, share a memory or two. We’d like to hear how FALA has influenced your life as you’ve moved through the wider world.

Danae Schulz | class of 1999

Following high school, Danae enrolled in a dual degree program, earning a BA in Biology from Tufts University and a BM in Violin Performance from the New England Conservatory. She then attended UC Berkeley for graduate
school, earning a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology, and completed her postdoctoral studies at The Rockefeller University in New York City. Danae is now an assistant professor of biology at Harvey Mudd College.

Alexander Anderson | class of 2013

Alexander attends NAU; his focus is on Hospitality Management in the School of Hotel Restaurant Management and Photography in the School of Communication. With help from his photography mentors, he has launched his photography business, which has given him additional opportunities. Alexander is also working as a freelance photographer for NAU Athletics and a staff photographer for the Lumberjack, the student paper.

Rachel Beck | class of 2013

Rachel attends Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA. Her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts amounts to a double major in philosophy and theology and a double minor in math and science. After she graduates, she hopes to spend at least a summer engaged in missionary work, and then to proceed into a career centered on international education.

Caleb Eckert | class of 2013

Caleb attends Haverford College. Caleb took an environmental anthropology class last semester, which piqued his interest and he’s now considering an anthropology major and an environmental studies minor. Along with a small group of other Haverford students, Caleb is organizing a campaign of fundraising and advocacy for the nonprofit Partners In Health, which works for equitable health care for the poor. Caleb works at Haverford’s library in the Digital Scholarship Program as the Design & Media Assistant, where he provides support/office hours for faculty and students seeking to integrate media into their academic endeavors. He’s also part of the Re: Humanities Working Group, which is a conference organized by and for undergrads doing academic work with new media. On the side, he’s the tech guy for a college news web journal called FreshPress. He has also been making video recordings for a few musician friends for auditions. Caleb interned as a photo assistant for John Burcham, a photographer who is part of the National Geographic Creatives team.

Rebecca Prizznick | class of 2013

Rebecca studyies piano performance and private voice at the NAU School of Music. She’s working as an accompanist and also as a private piano teacher through the music and dance academy for kids. Rebecca is the treasurer for the local collegiate chapter of MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association) and also a member of ACDA (American Choral Director’s Association).

Alannah Gollubier | class of 2012

I did not get a college degree, however that did not stop me from starting 2 of my own businesses which are my main source of income today. I climbed my way out of retail and service work by working 2 jobs during the day and dedicating evenings to my ambitions. I now work as an independent social media marketer, representing small businesses in Portland, OR. I am also a Social Media Influencer with an audience of over 30 thousand fans @wickedazura_gamer. I found a niche in Gaming, Lifestyle blogging and livestreaming. With this leverage I independently advertise working closely with and on behalf of Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and other brands on the forefront of the gaming and entertainment industry.

My fondest moments at FALA were performing as Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and reading Guns Germs and Steel, which shaped my perspective on politics and American History.

Talia Brienza | class of 2012

Talia studies in Florence, Italy. She’s studying photography, the history of the European Union and Italy, and of course, Italian. She also has an internship as a teacher’s assistant in an English class at a high school in Florence. When she gets back to Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she plans to find an internship in fashion and advertising.

Aaron Burr | class of 2012

Aaron attends Northern Arizona University as a secondary music education major with an emphasis in instrumental music. He’s the public representative for NAU’s chapter of the National Association for Music Education or NAFME. Aaron plays tenor in a saxophone quartet that is always looking for gigs in Flagstaff. After college, Aaron is considering getting his master’s in saxophone performance, then ultimately a D.M.A. in saxophone performance as he’d like to teach at a university. Aaron says, “If there are students coming to NAU for music it is a fantastic program and they should definitely check out NAFME, and there are also several other organizations that promote music education but they are focused on choir and strings.”

Karli (Dumdei) Haviland | class of 2011

Karli attends NAU on a full-ride scholarship and will graduate with a B.A. in Secondary English Education and is excited to student teach in FALA’s middle school in the spring. Karli is a member of Canyon Movement Company and had the chance to perform in theaters in Flagstaff, Las Vegas, and Tucson. She also recently achieved her dream role of dancing the role of Sugar Plum Fairy this alongside husband and FALA sweetheart, Nathaniel. FALA re-inspired her love of reading and helped her hone her writing abilities, and as a result, she’ll be a certified English teacher in five months.

Nathaniel Haviland | class of 2011

Nathaniel graduated a semester early from NAU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a certificate in Wildlife Ecology and Management—a feat he was able to do because FALA offered so many AP classes. Nathaniel is a member of Canyon Movement Company and has performed in shows and dance festivals in Flagstaff, Las Vegas, and Tucson. Nathaniel remarks that he met his wife, Karli in the FALA dance room and that without FALA, he would have never taken a dance class.

Burrell Jones | class of 2011

Burrell attends Northern Arizona University, majoring in Applied Indigenous Studies and minoring in Political Science. He expects to graduate this year. He’s involved with Connecting Higher Education Indigenously (CHEI), a student group at NAU. Burrell continues to pursue photography and art on his own and is contemplating applying to law school.

Lindsey Jones | class of 2011

Lindsey attends Northern Arizona University and just recently declared a major in Interdisciplinary Studies of Speech-Language Science and Technology. She is a member of the NAU chapter of Sigma Alpha Lambda, a national leadership and honors organization. Lindsey works in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation. She plans to open her own Speech Pathology practice specializing in children’s speech after obtaining her master’s.

Sean Loritz | class of 2011

Sean attends Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, majoring in Liberal Arts with focuses in Baroque Opera Performance and 16th Century English Literature. He has been active in theatre on campus, appearing in student-run productions of “Pippin” and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” and has also been involved in some of the school’s LGBT groups. Sean will be studying opera, art history, and Italian language in Florence, Italy next year, and after his graduation in 2015 plans to attend graduate school in literature and music, going on to pursue a career as a professional opera singer. His favorite FALA memories include being approached by a very traditional-looking, elderly woman after the performance of the extremely avant-garde play Small Lives, Big Dreams raving about how much she enjoyed the show.

Alexandria (Zander) Myers | class of 2011

Zander transferred from West Virginia University to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and is finishing her last year there. She’s worked with the previous head of the English department to copyedit an index for her upcoming book. In her final semester, Zander will be doing two independent studies: one in the History department looking at sexuality, criminal, and deviant practices in Europe throughout the 18th and 19th centuries as well as in the English department studying the sub-genre of Sensation fiction in 19th century British fiction. She’s also applying to be a Research Assistant to the Medieval scholar in the English department. Zander plans to take a year off before going to graduate school in the Toronto area.

Bailey Schneider | class of 2011

Bailey attends Arizona State University majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Music. She has been active as a member of several reading and writing related clubs on campus and uses her spare time to make YouTube videos. This summer she plans to attend Vidcon (a conference for people who make online videos) to learn to get better at producing them. After graduation this year she hopes to continue to write as an author. Her favorite FALA memories include Mr. Anderson’s morning discussions of “What’s Going On in the World” and all the craziness that was Mike Levin’s The End of the River.

Emily Dove | class of 2010

After graduating from Hobart and William Smith colleges in May 2014, Emily is living in Geneva, NY, and enjoying the life of a nonstudent for the first time. Emily is working at FF Thompson hospital and loves her work as a critical care tech there. She is also dancing with an African dance group called Bush Mango, which is located in Rochester, NY. She is continuing to enjoy emergency medicine, working on completing her Care certification, and is greatly enjoying post college life despite the increase in expenses.

Rose Haag | class of 2010

Rose graduated from Whitman after completing a double major in Economics and Sociology. She’s now living in Washington, D.C. and work as a paralegal with the Department of Justice in the Antitrust Division. Rose also recently found a dance studio with African dance classes and will be volunteering and dancing there.

Riana Johnson | class of 2010

Riana is a junior at NYU majoring in politics with a minor in studio art. Riana is involved in an Americorps program called Jumpstart where college students help children in the Lower Eastside prepare for kindergarten by promoting literacy. When she graduates, she hopes to join the Peac Ccorps and then attend law school. Riana would like to pursue a career in painting and politics– hopefully combining them in some way.

Michelle Olguin | class of 2010

Michelle graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in Studio Art in the spring of 2014. She works for Canyon R.E.O. in Flagstaff as a river guide and head rigger while doing plein air painting on the river as much as possible. FALA introduced her to ideas of intersectionality between the arts and science. At the time she did not realize how critical this is, however in retrospect she says she feels blessed to have had early exposure to a concept she would later return to in her artwork.

Sharilyn Scott | class of 2010

Sharilyn graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale in May 2012 and has been working at New Frontiers Natural Market in Sedona as Bakery Supervisor.

Thomas Scott | class of 2010

Thomas graduated from Middlebury College. Thomas performed tthe part of Marius, the revolutionary and Cosette’s love interest, in Les Miserables. He also continues to dance in, and choreograph for, Middlebury’s own hip hop group Riddim.

Marta (Sol) Soledad Serpas-Guardado | class of 2010

Sol is a philosophy major at NAU and is part of their Philosophy Mentoring Program. Through this mentoring program, Sol and her colleagues give between 10-15 presentations per semester to local high school students. She was recently back on FALA’s campus to mentor our students and guide them through the thinking required to grasp abstract and complicated ideas and concepts.

Zachary (Cross) Frenette | class of 2009

Since graduation Zach has attended three institutions: Glendale Community College, Coconino Community College and California State University East Bay. His focus is in liberal studies with a minor in psychology. He is an active member of Phi Theta Kappa and due to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in June 2015 while maintaining a 3.75 grade point average. Zach has worked with Grassroots Campaigns, The Democratic Assembly and Alpha Innovation Through Education. He is also a published model and conceptual artist and has been featured in UK’s Feroce Magazine in April 2014, on the cover of Ion Arizona Magazine in October 2013, on the cover of Giueseppina magazine in January of 2012 and featured in Echo Magazine in 2011. Zach lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He says his goal after graduating is to go to Skidmore College to pursue a master’s degree in creative writing while acting, painting, and playing piano.

Sumita Kosso | class of 2009

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Psychology from the University of Nevada. Sarah has been involved in the field of Student Affairs and has been a Resident Assistant representing the Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services Department for two years. She has also enjoyed her part-time job as a Student Worker in the Office for Prospective Students, working with recruitment for the University. Finally, she has volunteered as a Student Ambassador for three years, giving prospective students and their families tours of the campus. Sarah is applying to graduate school to study Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies. She intends to complete a PhD and travel as much as possible. She has many favorite FALA memories. A couple include helping FALA organize one of their largest canned food drives creating the “Grand CANyon,” as well as participating in the search to bring author Sherman Alexie to FALA after being inspired by Mr. Paul’s class.

Mariah Alexander | class of 2008

Mariah attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, graduating with a degree in International Affairs and a minor in Art in 2012. Mariah wrote her thesis on the Military Coup in Thailand in 2006 and graduated on the dean’s list. She moved back to Flagstaff because she wanted to go to graduate school in Arizona. She works with Saint Mary’s Food Bank. What Mariah remembers most about FALA is the sense of community that FALA fosters. “I loved working hard on all our dances, plays and art shows and seeing what amazing things we were capable of with the support of our teachers! I’ll always remember lying out on the old FALA decks in the sunshine and doing homework or working on a class project.”

Cosmo Diskan | class of 2008

Cosmo graduated with a Bachelor’s in Technology Management with Honors from Northern Arizona University, and an Associate’s of Applied Science in Computer Network Engineering with Honors from Coconino Community College. He currently works as the Lead I.T. Technician for Grand Canyon National Park and provides technical support, server management, network design, and IT project management for an 850,000 square mile service area. He is also active in a Computer Technical Specialist position on a Southwest U.S. Forest Service Type 2 Incident Management Team during the wildfire season. Cosmo thanks FALA for providing a safe and supporting learning environment during difficult points in his life.

Melissa Nowinski | class of 2008

Melissa graduated from NAU with a bachelor’s in Biomedical Science and from CCC with an associate’s in Criminal Justice. She has been certified in three states as a veterinarian technician and is now working on getting accepted to Vet School in Colorado. Melissa says this about FALA: “It was a wonderful place for me to grow and mature. I miss the arts, especially dancing and music. The teachers are just not the same in college, I wish they were more like the FALA group. I couldn’t believe how big the world really is and I thank my teachers at FALA for teaching me things I probably wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. The new campus is stunning. I wish the best of luck with the graduating classes to come. It can’t get any better at FALA.”

Lauren Ayrey | class of 2005

Lauren moved to Olympia, WA, after graduation. She attended Le Cordon Bleu for Baking and Pastry Arts in Portland and now owns a wholesale bakery in Olympia. Lauren is currently pursuing a degree in education.

Erin Joyce | class of 2005

Erin moved to California, having returned from her studies at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. She is the editor-in-chief of ULTRA:EXTRA, an online magazine for discursive conversations about art and visual culture, and she is as well an arts and culture writer for Art Wednesday, based in London and Hyperallergic, based in New York). Erin is an M.A. candidate at Johns Hopkins University in Museum Studies .In addition to her scholarly activity and her journalism/art criticism, she is an independent curator and organizes exhibitions with HENSE, Alice Anderson, Toby Christian, and Nicholas Galanin, and has projects in development in the the UK, US and UAE.

Summer (Long) Rush | class of 2005

Summer graduated from the University of Arizona in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish.She lives in Utah with her husband, who is stationed at Hill AFB. She is a social worker at an in-patient psychiatric facility for mental health patients. She plans to return to school in the next year to work on a degree in nursing.

Katherine Tesch | class of 2005

Katherine received her B.A. in English, Spanish and Portuguese from the U of A. While in college she joined the touring group Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theater as an aerial acrobat, acrobatic stilter, fire spinner and dancer. She has traveled with the troupe for more than six years and also helps to run their educational branch, Tucson Circus Arts, teaching aerial and circus arts to kids (and adults) of all ages. In addition, she writes and performs her own dance and aerial works. Highlights include working with Tim Burton at the Scream Awards, performing with and directing groups for the All Soul’s Procession and doing aerial acts hanging from helium balloons.

Zach Woods | class of 2005

Zack attends Pima Community College for a science degree to transfer to the University of Arizona and pursue a double major in mathematics and sociology. Zack has maintained a 3.5 GPA as he works his way through college.

David Smith | class of 2004

David is the School of Art Representative at Arizona State University, working with incoming freshman orientation and retention at the Herberger Institute for Arts and Design.

Marja van der Loo | class of 2004

With no desire to leave FALA, Marja bid farewell to Flagstaff and attended Smith College. It was too cold in Massachusetts, so for her junior year Marja studied abroad in Brazil. She majored in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Art History. For two years she worked in museums in the States and in The Netherlands, but the Flagstaff vortex pulled her back.

Atira Zeoli | class of 2005

Atira moved to Maryland soon after graduating from FALA. While studying at Montgomery College she won multiple awards for both her academic and creative writing, and interned with the literary journal, Potomac Review. Atira is the Executive Director of Embark at Cabin John, an intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization clinic for teens. She is also a minister at Kunzang Palyul Choling, a Vajrayana Buddhist temple outside of Washington, D.C., and leads semi-annual poetry workshops at a local elementary school.

Whitney Couture | class of 2002

Whitney graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in English and Art History and is working as a Congressional Aide for U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio in his Eugene district office, focusing on Veteran/Military issues. Whitney has lived in Oregon for more than10 years and has a young son named Jude. She worked as a bartender on a train in Alaska for a couple of summers, along with a few other FALA graduates as well as travelling abroad and living with FALA friends over the year.

Kristin Robyn | class of 2002

Kristin graduated from NAU in May 2010, and is a member of the Peace Corps. She served in Mali, working in education, health education, and wteaching English to French-speaking students.

Laurah Hagen | class of 2001

Laurah’s undergraduate degree is in psychology from Whitman College, and her master’s in experiential education is from Prescott College. Laurah currently works at NAU out of the Gateway Student Success Center and serves on the FALA Governing Board. At NAU Laurah’s work with a lean team focuses on career development, and her role is to develop learning objectives and workshops for the four-year career development progression.

Karen (Feinsinger) Hackler | class of 2000

Karen graduated from Oberlin College where she created her own interdisciplinary major in Irish Studies. She also created a new study-away program in Ireland, and attended the National University of Ireland, Galway, for a year and a half. After graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Irish Studies and a minor in English, she attended and graduated from the Denver University Institute of Publishing. She returned to Flagstaff to be the Marketing and Sales Director of Salina Bookshelf, Inc., a publishing company specializing in children’s books. While at Oberlin she had developed an interest in social work, education and sexual health, and so when an opportunity opened at Northland Family Help Center to be a community educator, she was excited to be offered the position. At Northland, she works within the broader Northern Arizona community to educate youth and youth-affiliated adults on the primary prevention of sexual assault. She is also the coordinator of The P.E.A.C.E. Project, a joint project between NFHC and Theatrikos Theatre Company that trains local high school students in the primary prevention of sexual assault.

Julia Fiske | class of 2000

Julie is the Director of Performing Arts at the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Massachusetts.

Kari Barton | class of 1999

After graduating from FALA, Kari attended NAU. Her sophomore year at NAU, she studied abroad in Limerick, Ireland. She returned to NAU and then transferred to Columbia College Chicago to complete her undergraduate studies in Performing Arts Management in 2004. Kari returned to Flagstaff and NAU in fall of 2004 to pursue her Master of Music in Violin Performance and Suzuki Pedagogy. She graduated in 2006 and has remained in Flagstaff, teaching a studio of 40 violin and viola students. She performs with the Flagstaff Symphony and is a member of The Knockabouts. She also runs two companies, Living Traditions Presentations (founded in 2004), which promotes concerts of Celtic music, and the Grand Canyon Celtic Arts Academy (founded in 2009), which brings in instructors of Celtic arts to Flagstaff each summer.

Elizabeth (Markle) Solinga | class of 1999

Elizabeth moved to Boston following her graduation from NAU in 2004 with degrees in Anthropology and Humanities. She received her Master’s degree from Harvard Extension School in May 2013 with a focus in Museum Studies. She works as a Research Administrator for the Stem Cell Program at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2010 and is actively involved with the Creative Arts Program at the hospital.

Frances (King) Vance| class of 1999

Frances briefly attended ASU on the Regents Scholarship in dance before leaving for Chile to travel and immerse herself in the language, history, and culture. Upon her return, she earned a degree in Anthropology from NAU and one in Spanish from ASU. She continued to travel and continued dancing. Frances married a Cowboy and lives with him and her two sons in central Arizona where she is working on an inaugural event celebrating women in ranching called Home on the Ranch.

Laurel Clohessy | class of 1997

Laurel received her B.A. in Theatre Performance from NAU in 2002, and also attended Hunter College CUNY and Stella Adler Theatre Conservatory in New York City. Laurel’s worked as a Program Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff. and spent four years running a college-access program for low-income high school students called GEAR UP. At FALA, she volunteered as a Big Sister, and continued to mentor for three years. Another part of her life is teaching yoga at Northern Arizona Yoga Center. Her husband, Johnny Swoope, and she are part of the team that puts on Firefly, an annual arts and consciousness festival.

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