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Manon Silvant alumni photo

Manon Silvant

Manon Silvant (from France) – Attended FALA in 2003. I was blessed to attend FALA for one year as a French Exchange Student in 2003/2004. I kept many wonderful memories of my time in this wonderful high school which was so different from what I’ve seen previously on movies and TV Shows. Experiencing so much arts : choir with Mr. Shay; theater with Mr. Levin (what a challenge to play theater in a second language !); piano (during the talent show); creative writing; English with Mr. Paul; economy and American history with Mr Anderson… !! I also loved experiencing the voluntary work with F.I.R.E. (Flagstaff International Relief Efforts). I graduated in the field of multimedia educational engineering. And today; my main job is to be an environmental activist in order to protect the local landscapes and rivers here in the east of France (near Switzerland). I hope one day; my teenagers will be able to attend FALA and maybe be hosted by one of you?

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