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To Report an Absence: FALA requests that a parent/guardian report an absence within the first 30 minutes of the school day. You are welcome to do this by sending an email to our attendance email provided above, calling and leaving a message on our attendance line, or filling out this form.

Class Tardiness: FALA does consider missing more than 15 minutes of class a full absence. Right now classes are only 40 minutes long, so it is very important that students show up to class on time to receive the content provided by the teacher. Tardies are only excused by the teacher or the parent/guardian.

Technical Issues: If your FALA student is having trouble connecting to a class, please send an email to the teacher at the time of the technical issue and explain in detail what the problem is. Please also include and in the email so we can have attendance reported properly and so IT can be aware of the issue.

Student Absence Reporting

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