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Alannah Gollubier

I did not get a college degree, however that did not stop me from starting 2 of my own businesses which are my main source of income today. I climbed my way out of retail and service work by working 2 jobs during the day and dedicating evenings to my ambitions. I now work as an independent social media marketer, representing small businesses in Portland, OR. I am also a Social Media Influencer with an audience of over 30 thousand fans @wickedazura_gamer. I found a niche in Gaming, Lifestyle blogging and livestreaming. With this leverage I independently advertise working closely with and on behalf of Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and other brands on the forefront of the gaming and entertainment industry.

My fondest moments at FALA were performing as Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and reading Guns Germs and Steel, which shaped my perspective on politics and American History.

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