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Caleb Eckert

Caleb attends Haverford College. Caleb took an environmental anthropology class last semester, which piqued his interest and he’s now considering an anthropology major and an environmental studies minor. Along with a small group of other Haverford students, Caleb is organizing a campaign of fundraising and advocacy for the nonprofit Partners In Health, which works for equitable health care for the poor. Caleb works at Haverford’s library in the Digital Scholarship Program as the Design & Media Assistant, where he provides support/office hours for faculty and students seeking to integrate media into their academic endeavors. He’s also part of the Re: Humanities Working Group, which is a conference organized by and for undergrads doing academic work with new media. On the side, he’s the tech guy for a college news web journal called FreshPress. He has also been making video recordings for a few musician friends for auditions. Caleb interned as a photo assistant for John Burcham, a photographer who is part of the National Geographic Creatives team.

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