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COVID Protocols starting Monday, January 3rd


  • Masks: Our mask policy requiring wearing of masks indoors at all times (excluding eating/drinking) remains in effect.  Given the current increase in transmissibility, recommendations are now for use of medical grade or KN95 masks.  We have obtained significant quantities of both types and will make them available in the office.  Additional supplies are expected to arrive Tuesday.
  • Ventilation / Indoor Heating:  We know that ventilation of enclosed spaces and keeping doors and windows open helps with reduction of transmission.  All our rooms will continue to run ventilation systems throughout the day and keep airflow moving as much as possible.  I say this so that everyone remembers to dress accordingly and in layers whenever possible.
  • Outdoor Heating:  We currently have 3 propane heaters on campus that will be deployed strategically to allow for more time outdoors during lunch and breaks.  We are looking at buying/renting a few more as needed.  As noted above, dressing accordingly to allow for more time outside will be essential.
  • Cleaning:  Cleaning protocols remain the same.  Each class and surface is to be cleaned between periods.


  • Pooled Testing:  This will continue weekly on Thursday mornings with necessary follow up on Fridays.  We currently have under 70% of campus enrolled.  The higher the population enrolled, the quicker cases can be identified. If you have not yet enrolled your student (or yourself if over 18) and wish to do so, here is the information again:

    If your student is under 18:

    Click on this Link
    Enter this access code: 0GP04O
    Enter your student’s information and sign the consent form
    Repeat for multiple students

    If you/your student is over 18:

    Click on this Link
    Create an account
    Enter this access code: 0GP04O
    Sign the consent form

  • Rapid Tests:  We have obtained a limited quantity of Rapid Tests from the County.  A subset of these are being set aside for follow up testing if a pool tests positive.  We can administer some individually if someone shows symptoms.  Our quantity however is limited so we need to be diligent in administering these.  Please be conscious of this when deciding to come ask for a test.
  • Isolation/Quarantine:  Guidelines from the CDC and other resources are a moving target.  We received these yesterday from AZ Dept of Health Services and will follow them when determining how long someone needs to be off campus:


  • Remote Learning:  No matter the precautions we take, I am certain we will have positive cases on campus and will need to isolate and quarantine.  In addition, I believe that some families may choose to have their student(s) stay home in the short term to ride out any current waves.  For anyone who will need to be off campus, we will continue to assist remote learning on an individual basis.  This means that students and teachers (and other resources such as counselors and case managers) will need to work together one on one to ensure that any absences are accommodated for, and learning loss is minimal.  As of now, online options such as hybrid/hyflex learning are not being offered, however we will be investigating these more fully in the days to come should we need to pivot.
  • Chromebooks:  Our grant for bulk purchase of machines was awarded late in the semester and we have received 150 new machines.  We are finishing preparing these and getting all the relevant supplies needed to distribute to whomever needs.  At that time, we will implement a 1-1 student to machine protocol.  In addition to helping with learning needs, this will also eliminate the need for machine turnover during the day, and any associated transmission.  Further information will be forthcoming as we aim to complete this early in the semester.
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