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2020 FALA Seniors Graduation Ceremony Information

2020 FALA Seniors Graduation Ceremony Information

Join us for a covid-19 style, inclusive of social distancing and car caravans, all whilst being live streamed (we hope anyway), seniors graduation ceremony.

Doors open 6:00; Ceremony starts 7:00

Location: Fort Tuthill Fairgrounds Parking Lot (see map below)

Other information:
Attendance is limited to 2 cars per graduate. We are doing this to ensure safe social distancing and room for movement of participants. We have received a couple of requests for a 3rd car in certain special circumstances (ie. attendee health or quarantine status). These are being approved by Exec Director Eli Cohen on a case by case basis. Please do not bring any additional cars unless it has been discussed and approved in advance.

All attendees will receive a document within a day or so listing safety protocols and information on parking spots, facilities, broadcast settings, etc.

All participants will receive an additional document outlining the program itself and timing, as well as protocols for leaving cars, speaking, staging, etc.

Unfortunately, an organized procession from FALA to the Fairgrounds will not be taking place. However, Ms. Henes has agreed to open the Art room from 1-3 on both Friday and Saturday for students all to come and decorate cars and take pictures if you’d like. Anyone who wants to drive from FALA to the Fairgrounds in their own procession is encouraged.

Our goal remains to livestream the entire ceremony. Unfortunately the signal at the Fairgrounds is not very strong. We are working to see if we can boost it. Either way, we will have a videographer and photographer throughout the ceremony and will be providing everyone with links to a full video and photos afterwards to share with those who cannot attend.

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