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FALA Llama Hoodies are here!

FALA Llama Hoodies are here. Ruby Heinonen (photo here) created the winning design this year. They come in Light Pink & Chocolate Brown and are $25.00. For sale in the Front Office and at the Winter Escapades December 14 &…

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FALA Inspired

Advanced Creative Writing wrote and shared this letter with FALA on Tuesday February 27th at the beginning of school. This is FALA! Dear FALA Community, In light of reoccurring school shootings and gun violence, the Florida school shooting was a…

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FALA Board of Trustees President Blog

Dr. Laura Umphrey - Board President - FALA Board of Trustees Welcome to the start of a new academic year at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy! Being a board member provides a unique perspective on FALA. Our job, as board…

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