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FALA Students Featured In Sierra Club Video

FALA Students Featured in Sierra Club Video

Check out the Sierra Club Flagstaff’s video featuring students from FALA.

Here is a description of the project written by Sierra Club:

Very few people in Flagstaff realize that the Rio de Flag, which originates from snow melt from the west side of the San Francisco peaks, is actually a 200 plus mile flowing stream of water! It flows off of the peaks, thru the town, flows east to the Little Colorado River, and then makes its way to the Colorado River, within the Grand Canyon. We are trying to alert people to not pollute this stream of water because it impacts the environment, the plant and animal life and the endangered species in the Colorado River, such as the Colorado Pikeminnow. By putting storm drain signs around Flagstaff, we are hoping people will not pour pollutants such as motor oil, soaps, anti freeze, dog poop, trash, etc etc. down the storm drains. This “storm drain water” directly impacts our fragile environment in and around Flagstaff and all along its route. The goal is to place these markers at as many storm drains as we can and to also educate the public about why this is so important.

Follow this link to watch the video on Facebook.

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