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New Director of Special Education

Hello Fabulous FALA Community!

I’d like to officially introduce myself as the new Director of Special Education.  I am so excited to continue my journey at FALA in this new capacity and appreciate the beautiful and dynamic moving pieces that make us unique. The past two years I have had the pleasure of teaching in the FALA middle school and Special Education Department, and as the Director of Special Education, I will not only work to support our students and staff in the special education department, but collaborate with all staff, work with parents, and support all students as part of my daily practice. 

The philosophy of the Special Education Department is to support students and their needs as they arise, in non-stigmatizing ways.  The special education department and all of FALA’s staff work tirelessly to support the needs of the students in respectful, creative ways that prioritize the dignity and autonomy of all of our students.  We work to break down the social barriers and promote self-awareness and self-advocacy for all our students.  

Many of our special education support services are delivered in the general education setting in a way that helps enrich the classroom experience for everyone. Our department’s staff support and partner with our general education teachers and collaborate with students and parents to ensure that everyone feels informed, empowered, and set up for success.  

I can’t wait to continue my journey in this beautiful place and to contribute a supportive and collaborative approach with our teaching and staff.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, for your students, or even on behalf of family or friends.  

Let’s have a beautiful year and work together to live our FALA Mission: We are an inclusive and transformative learning community that cultivates creativity and critical inquiry. Come as you are; we’ll grow together.


Christina Wolfe staff photo
Christina Wolfe M.Ed.
Director of Special Education
Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy
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