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Absences Due to Covid –> How to Get Marked “Quarantine Present”

Hello FALA Llamas!
With the increasing rates in Covid, there is most likely going to be an increasing rate in Covid exposures and the need to quarantine. As we keep emphasizing- our goal is to keep students here in person! This means ensuring safe practices that continue to keep us all in school getting the best possible education. 

To that effect, we don’t want to punish students and families for quarantining, by marking them “absent”. Instead, we have developed a procedure to allow for a “quarantine present” code to be in our attendance system that will mark students “present” as long as we see engagement in assignments and communication. If you find yourself in the position that you need to quarantine then please follow these absence procedures:

  1. Go to the website for each of your teachers (can be found through under Faculty & Staff–>
  2. Find the “Daily Agenda” for your class and look at what work needs to be done.
  3. You can also check Infinite Campus Student and/or Parent Portal for assignments. 
  4. Put all of your teachers on an email (emails can be found on the same Staff & Faculty page at
  5. CC (this is how Ms. Meg will keep track) and (me! Alex Cohen Gray)
  6. Type in this email the days that you will be missing PLUS what schoolwork you have done/will do and any questions you might have about the assignments online. 

**By doing this you are showing ENGAGEMENT through completion of assignments and communication with your teachers about your absence. This is what allows us to mark you as “quarantine present”
If you do not follow these procedures, the absence will just then be recorded as an excused absence. (Which does get recorded with the state as an absence and will count towards the total of 18 allowed absences for the year.)

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