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Peter and the Starcatcher – JAN. 13th & 14th at 7:00 

For the safety of all the actors and audience the show has been moved to an online platform. It will be via youtube live. 

Those viewing the show will still need to purchase tickets with Ms. Buckley or the front office or our theatre venmo @FALAtheatre (please leave a note with your name and number of tickets.

  • I know it may seem strange to ask you to still pay the same amount for a show in an online format, but there is a reason. Due to the contract signed with the company that owns the show, we still have to charge the amount that we agreed to with them. All the money goes right back into the supplies for our next production. If there are any concerns about this please let me know! I would be happy to help figure it out as I want everyone who wants to see the show to be able to. 
  • BUT one of the benefits of this is now we are able to reach more people. There will now be an unlimited amount of tickets for each show and anyone anywhere (with a ticket) can see our show! 
  • Once you have purchased tickets, please fill out the appropriate google form with the email you want to show sent to. On the day of the show you will be sent the unlisted youtube link. Only those with the show link can view the live stream. The show will begin right at 7pm. 
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